Wednesday, April 5, 2017

There is always a bad guy

I have never been a big fan of bad guys. To me, they are the most annoying thing in a story, besides characters being really stupid in moments that are so predictable. In Schooled, Capricorn runs into a little problem. A bad guy, to be precise. Now, this so called "bad guy" just wants to make fun of the weird new hippy kid so that everyone will vote for him (Capricorn) so that he (again, Capricorn) will flip out and have no idea how to run a school (cause well, you know he is a hippie and he is going to think that he is president of the world or something) and Zack (the "bad guy") is going to be so cool and stuff (I have no clue why). I guess what I'm trying to say is.... I hate bad guys. Also, I'm pretty sure that Capricorn is going to totally humiliate Zack and totally make his plan backfire...... sucks for you Zack. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A whole new world

The book Schooled is really making me excited. I can't wait to see what happens to Capricorn. I mean, he has just now started to get bullied. I like a part of the book where he moves in with this lady and her daughter, and the daughter hates Capricorn. Capricorn never really has lived with anyone else besides  Rain, and it makes me laugh when the daughter, Sophie, jokes and makes fun about him calling him names such as Bizarro, Tie dye, and Freakzoid. It makes me laugh even more when Capricorn says things like, "I wasn't too clear on what arrested meant," and, "whats nine one one?" and even things like, " what is moisturizer?" This book is hilarious! 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Movie or Book?

Is The Giver book better than the movie? Or is the movie better than the book? 

The Giver book is a great futuristic story written by Lois Lowry, that tells a story about a boy named Jonas who lives in a small community of sameness. Everything is the same. His life seems normal until he gets chosen to be the Receiver of Memory. He meets The Giver and gets shown the memories of the past. In the book, Jonas has a special connection with one of his friends. He tries to show her, Fiona, what he has been learning. In the book, we never really get the full detail of any Elders being a "bad guy" and any real action between Jonas and the Elders. In the movie, Jonas is in conflict with the Chief Elder. There are scenes of Fiona and Jonas breaking rule, and every time they do so, a camera shot is shown. Later on in the movie, the Chief Elder is watching all the clips of Jonas sharing his experiences with Fiona. She then goes after Jonas while he is escaping to Elsewhere. In the book this never happens, and I believe that this was an important part that should have been added. I also like how when they get assigned their jobs, they are older in the movie than the book. This gives us more drama and "easier romance" between Jonas and Fiona. They also changed Fiona and Asher's jobs, which helped tie the action to the end, Asher has to go against Jonas and Fiona helps his crime. It creates more exciting drama and more action between Jonas and his friends. I believe the movie is better than the book mostly for its dramatic action and fun cheesy parts with occasional "that was so predictable" parts. The movie gives more feeling than the book, and more visual to color and connection that the characters have with each other. It also helps you understand whats happening instead of being lost in the story.  

Hippy, Prippy, and ready for..... the city?

Ever wonder if there was someone in this world named Capricorn? Well that would be weird if you have, but, lucky for you, there is a fictional character named Capricorn so yay. In the book Schooled, by Gordon Korman (talk about a name), there lives a boy named Capricorn. The only reason his name is Capricorn is because he is a hippy living with his Grandma who's name is Rain, and isn't even his real grandma. He doesn't know what T.V is(how could you live without that?), he doesn't know what pizza is (common man) and he has never heard of a wedgie (ha! lucky kid). I love this book! It's great for all the humor and hilarious pain all the characters go through. (Rain breaks her butt, Capricorn gets bullied a WHOLE bunch... HA... and everyone else gets mad about this annoying weird kid at school who wears tie-dye and doesn't even wear shoes (like EWW) I'm predicting that Capricorn will get thousands of wedgies, and never want to come back to the crazy "civilized" (we Americans think we are civilized) world. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A journey through time

It was a clear, cold morning, my Grandma came to visit me after my mom talked to her about coming to “take me out.” She had brownish red hair, and glossy skin from her coconut oil.  I asked her if I could interview her for my English class, and she said “Ok….”

I got out my phone and started to record her. “Where were you born and how did you grow up?”

“I grew up bad.” She laughed. “I grew up in Williamsburg Pennsylvania. I had three older brothers, so all I can say is it was a challenge growing up.” She had lived in an Italian neighborhood. She had many friends, one named Bubbles. “Can you believe that? Her real name wasn’t Bubbles, what was her real name? I forgot. But I remember her as Bubbles.”
I put the phone closer to her. “What would be a daily routine for you when you were younger?”

She said she would go to school, eat dinner, and do homework. Then on the weekends, she would go to church, and go to her brothers basketball games. Her brother was a champion basketball player. She told me the story about the time she was in the back of the bleachers and a man threw a cigarette in the back of her hair. She laughed so hard she almost peed her pants!  
I was laughing pretty hard too.
“It started fizzling! I thought what on earth was that?!” She calmed down and was ready for the next question.

“Did you have any pets?”

“Ya, I had two favorite dogs, one was Duke, and one was Flossy.”
I laughed a bit. “Was Duke like Luke?” Luke was a Collie my aunt had as a kid.

“No. Duke was a small spitz poodle and he was beautiful, but I tell you something terrible happened to him. We went down the neighbor's yard and she got angry. She hit him on the back and broke his back.” She told me how heart broken her mother was, and that her mother didn’t want her to get anymore pets.

I moved on to the next question. “How did you meet your husband?”

“I moved to california then I met up with a friend who was from our town. She took me on a church outing in the mountains, Big bear.” It was her first toboggan ride, and the boys she was riding with hd put her in the back of the toboggan. “Those boys didn’t know any better they put me on the end, and we went over a killer rock,” she flew up and she hit the bottom,  shattering her two vertebrates. When she got back to the bottom, they took her straight to the hospital. They had her in a 45 degree angle. Her friend, the one who invited her to the church outing, came out with her boyfriend. He took her home from the hospital, and that’s when they started dating.

“And we only dated I think… 1 or 3 months until he asked to marry him and that was it. It was a lucky break.”

There was a long silence between us. She sat up and grabbed her things.
“I got to go get my shopping done.” She said, breaking the silence. She came to me, hugged me goodbye, and walked out the door.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Lets listen to some of my opinions on this book, shall we?

Okay, so here are some of my lame comments and opinions of Six Grade Secrets. First, why is the main character in love with her teacher?! That doesn't make any sense to me! When I was reading this book, I thought to myself, wow, what kind of book is this?! Then I kept reading and it got SOOOOOO much better! For example, there is always a conflict a book right? Our conflict, well the main character's conflict is the other club Monkey Butts or something (haven't really gotten far on that chapter) and she gets really mad and there all trying to break each others clubs up and stuff. I recommend this book to readers who like chaos, funny stories, and of course, DRAMA.


You know how some books just get too lovey dovey? Well, Six Grade Secrets is one of those books. For example, the characters keep holding hands, kissing each other, running away with each other, love notes, and all that mushy stuff. First off, THERE ONLY SIXTH GRADERS, second off EWWWW!!!!!! This is not my opinion of fun, excitement, and silly times in this book, but I recommend it to those other mushy readers out there!